School by school, student by student, lesson by lesson, ArtSmart is changing the landscape of music education in the United States.

The Four Tenets

ArtSmart operates with four key tenets to drive our program:


ArtSmart aims to reach every child in need of a good arts education. No student should be left behind. With your help, we can deliver our services across the country.


All children deserve the opportunity to excel in the Arts. Since many schools are cutting music programs due to budget constraints, ArtSmart is stepping up to deliver professional music education to these under-served students.


Success in the Arts is proven to inspire success in other pursuits. Students who study music achieve better attendance, engagement, grades and mental health. The benefits of Arts education go well beyond the music room.


Our students don’t stop at mere participation. By working with our accomplished Mentors, they strive for excellence. The ArtSmart program provides 1-on-1 lessons so students can achieve a high level of musicianship and become leaders in their field of choice.

Featured Program:

Newark East Side High School, Newark, NJ

In September 2016, ArtSmart began it’s pilot program at Newark East Side High School in Newark, NJ. We are thrilled to have partnered with Newark East Side as we embark on this mega-journey to revolutionize music education in the US. Starting with 12 students, our Mentors are providing weekly voice lessons to remarkable students who would otherwise be unable to afford professional music lessons.


ArtSmart is honored to have been received with such open arms by Newark East Side HS, it’s faculty, administration, students and community. It has been a truly collaborative effort between the school and ArtSmart to bring our program to a group of students who couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity. Using the experience and lessons learned from our deployment at Newark, we are looking forward to expanding our program to more students and more schools by the end of the year.

Help ArtSmart reach more schools and students

Your donation goes directly to providing music lessons to under-served youth.

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Percent more likely to graduate when a student studies music. (NAME, 2015)


Points higher performance on the SAT when students participate in music programs. (MENC, 2002)


Percent higher academic test scores by musical high school students over non-musical students (Nature, 1996)


Percent of Americans who believe that music is a key component in a well-rounded education. (Gallup, 2003)

Testimonials on the importance of music education