ArtSmart in the Media


ArtSmart is featured in The San Francisco Chronicle in an article that highlights how ArtSmart joins Michael Fabiano’s passions for performance and education.  The article focuses on our program at James Lick Middle School in SF, and discusses the goals and origin of ArtSmart.

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Michael Fabiano, co-founder of ArtSmart

ArtSmart was mentioned in the New York Times in an article featuring Michael Fabiano and his dual passions for opera and aviation. The article draws parallels to the risks of flying to some of those Michael has taken on in his opera career.

The Profound Effects of ArtSmart - music education for underserved communities.

Schmopra online magazine has featured ArtSmart in an article titled The Profound Effects of ArtSmart. The article includes discussion of the founding of the organization, its goals, curriculum and progression. Several quotes from the co-founders are included in a wide-ranging piece highlighting the positive change that ArtSmart brings to students and communities.