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Current Programs

East Side High School – Newark, NJ

ArtSmart launched its pilot program at Newark East Side High School in September 2016. The first program of its kind, ArtSmart is bringing professionally-taught voice lessons to 12 students every week, free of charge.


Now in our second year at ESHS, ArtSmart is building on the success of the first year with both new and returning students. Both of our wonderful Mentors, Tom and Hannah have returned for the 2017-18 school year. This highlights our success in hiring great Mentors and the strength of our curriculum.


Working with our Mentors, these students are receiving a level of music education and mentoring that would not be possible without ArtSmart. Our students have been making strides in musical ability and benefiting from the overall guidance of our Mentors. In 2017 our students participated in a grand end-of-year concert, performing on stage with both peers and professionals. This was the first opportunity of its kind for many of the students.

Franklin Learning Center – Philadelphia, PA

Building on the success of the pilot program in Newark, ArtSmart has expanded for the 2017-18 school year. Our program launched at the Franklin Learning Center in Philadelphia in September 2017.


We are honored and proud to be teaching at the FLC and working with their incredible teachers, staff and administration. They have shown a commendable commitment to their students by helping facilitate the startup of the ArtSmart program this year.


We have three outstanding Mentors working with 18 students at FLC, and can not wait to see what they will accomplish over the course of the year.

James Lick Middle School – San Francisco, CA

ArtSmart is excited and proud to launch our third school program at James Lick Middle School in San Francisco. School administration, arts teachers and the SF Unified School District have come together with ArtSmart to offer this program to students. Launching this program has been a true team effort and we could not be prouder of how everyone involved has rallied to serve the community here.


Our two Mentors working at James Lick are incredibly motivated and the students have shown great enthusiasm thus far. 12 students are enrolled for the 2017-18 school year. ArtSmart and the JLMS community are thrilled to see how our hard work pays off as the year progresses.

Near Future

Increase Reach and Breadth

After the successful pilot program in Newark, ArtSmart is growing rapidly. We have launched two additional schools for the 2017-18 school year,  more than tripling our  impact. We are now a true National program, reaching schools in 3 cities and on both coasts.


We are continuing to expand the program with help from our generous donors. Plans for the 2018-19 school year are underway to increase our locations, number of students, and educational offerings. Our expansion goals include:


  • Increasing the number of schools in the program
  • Increasing the number of students per school
  • Expanding into instrumental and digital music lessons
  • Further engaging with communities around our schools

Long Term

Making Massive Impact

Over the long term, ArtSmart has huge goals. We aim to be a driving force of education in the United States for many years to come. For one, we consider ourselves a direct countermeasure to the shrinking arts programs in public schools. Secondly, we are champions of the public performance, believing in the power of live music to bring a community together. Thirdly, we are technocrats, (despite our strong roots in classical tradition) and believe in integrating new technology into proven education techniques.

Just some of our longer-term goals include:


  • Building a nationwide arts education infrastructure
  • Bringing communities together for live music regularly
  • Fostering the creation of new works of art
  • Engaging students with new educational technology
  • Quantifying the positive effects of arts education with big data

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You can help

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